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The Sweet Aroma of Selling Your Home Successfully

Posted on Monday, November 22, 2021

The Sweet Aroma of Selling Your Home Successfully

Any experienced estate agent will tell you that people buy with their senses.

They look around property. The listen out for noises. They get a feel for the quality of fittings.

Most people (thankfully) draw the line at getting a literal taste for the place, but there is one much-underrated sense that plays a part in creating a home people want to live in.

You Nose It Makes Sense

Smells can turn people on or off your property in an instant.

Aromachology is the study of smells and their influences on human behaviour. And it's something we need to consider if we're serious about achieving the best possible price for your home.

Estate agents used to recommend the wonderful aroma of fresh bread and coffee wafting through a property while viewings were taking place.

But let's face it, that's impractical - if your property is well marketed, it will attract dozens of viewings, that's a lot of oven time and Barista-style skills.

These five simple tips below are more realistic and will help your property sell with a winning smell.

1) Clean your dishwasher regularly. It can be the source of dodgy odours.

2) Use air freshener plug-ins placed around different parts of your home.

3) Open the windows regularly - yep, fresh air can make a big difference. We told you the tips were simple, eh?

4) A massive turn-off for some people is the smell of pets. Clean out cat litter regularly to get rid of your furry friends' unwanted aromas. 

5) Check this out - during our research for this advice guide, we came accross this great article - it's well worth a read as it gives advice on creating the sweet smell of success in individual rooms: https://www.homemadesimple.com/in-the-home/how-to-make-your-house-smell-good/

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