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How To Know If You're Emotionally Ready To Sell Your Home

Posted on Thursday, November 4, 2021

How To Know If You're Emotionally Ready To Sell Your Home

1. You’re prepared to declutter

Unless you’re a minimalist, you probably have lots of things in your home that are special to you. The most important thing to do before selling your home is to stage it for a sale. This often means getting rid of the clutter and stripping out your quirks to make it neutral and attractive for buyers. While moving some pictures into a cupboard might be a painless task, painting a room or selling your beloved furniture can feel much more permanent. Before selling your home, you need to be ready to neutralise and maybe even get rid of the possessions you love that you can’t take with you.

2. You daydream about living somewhere else

Are you imagining your future somewhere else? Do you find yourself excitedly daydreaming about it every spare minute you have? If the answer is yes, it’s highly likely that you’re emotionally ready to sell your home. Once you start staging your home for buyers, you’re already saying goodbye. Even though the thought of selling may be sombre, if you’re making plans for new furniture and you’re looking forward to living somewhere else, then this is a definite sign that you’re emotionally ready to sell.

3. You’re ready to accept buyer feedback

If you plan to show people around your home yourself, you’ll likely overhear lots of things. Although some people will be discreet about any distastes, many won’t. Viewers may overtly cringe at your décor or openly criticise some of your home’s best features. Prospective buyers might express their desire to rip apart the kitchen you lovingly designed or tear down your living room walls the minute they buy it. If you’re ready to accept that those things will happen in your home, and you’re prepared to hear this feedback, then the selling process will be much easier for you.

4. You feel ready to say goodbye

This is one of the biggest signs that you’re ready to sell up. Committing to sell means committing to leave. If you’re prepared to say goodbye and the thought of leaving excites you, then you’re definitely ready!

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