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Different Types of Surveys

Posted on Saturday, May 29, 2021

Different Types of Surveys

We get asked this question a lot ‘What is a house survey?’ ‘What survey do I need?’ ‘Do I need a survey?’

A house survey is an expert inspection of a properties condition and will identify any issues the property may have. It’s completed by a qualified surveyor who visits the property and prepares a report outlining any issues they might have found.

If you are having a mortgage, the lender will send a valuer out to value the property to make sure the property is worth what they are lending. Sometimes these reports aren’t always in-depth, so people will then instruct their own private report.

There are three types of report a Condition Report (Level one), Homebuyer Report (Level two) and Building Survey (Level three)

Level one: Condition Report £250-£400

This is the simplest of the surveys. It gives an overview of the property’s condition and makes you aware of any significant issues but doesn’t go into much detail. We advise getting a Condition Report if you’re looking for a standard modern property that’s in good condition and you just want to confirm everything looks okay.

Level two: Homebuyer Report £450-£600

This is the most popular type of survey. It looks at everything the Condition Report looks at but with added extras. This survey can take around 2-4 hours to complete. The report goes into detail, such as advice on repairs cost and ongoing maintenance. We must add that the repair cost can be pretty costly compared to what it would probably cost!

Level three: Building Survey £800-900

This can also be known as a full structural survey, and this is the most thorough survey you can get. To be honest, we don’t advise getting this unless a surveyor or lender has requested this! The surveyor will be very hands-on and go as far as to check under the floorboards. The report will list any defects and advise on repairs and maintenance.